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Presentations from the 2016 conference

Day One

Fergal O’Brien - Welcome 
Ian McCubbin - Medicines Manufacturing in the UK
Dr Jim Faulkner - The potential impact of the Taskforce recommendations on a UK T-cell therapy SME
Dr James Miskin - Lentiviral vector manufacturing strategies to supply the market
Sharon Grimster - Why did ReNeuron invest in a UK manufacturing facility

Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker - Peter Dunnill Award Lecture  - Processing Priorities of the Future – Lessons learnt and Future Challenges


Workshop one - Current analytical challenges across the medicine manufacturing space

Professor Paul Dalby Analytical challenges in protein formulation
Professor Melissa Hanna-Brown - Securing a Healthy Future for Chemical and Bio Analytical Measurement Science (AMS) in the UK
Dr Damian Marshall - Current Analytical Challenges across the Medicines Manufacturing Space


Workshop two - Medicines manufacturing and supply innovation

Simon Barnes and  Alan Johnston - Contextualised data and digital readiness – a perspective on Industry 4.0
Dr Mark Bustard - Medicines manufacturing and supply innovation
Hans Johansson - Addressing industrial needs for cost effective MAb purification with a new range of Protein A agarose resins
Dr Jagjit Singh Srai - Perspectives on Future Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
Ian Rees - MHRA Support for Innovation


Workshop three- Gene Therapy Resurgence

Julian Hanak - Gene Therapy Resurgence
Professor Michael Linden - Gene Therapy -  next stop Pharma
Professor Adrian Thrasher - Evolving Gene therapy in Severe Immunodeficiency


Day Two

Next generation antibody molecules
Dr Paul Varley -  Next generation antibody molecules
Dr Dave Simpson - The rapidly growing pipeline of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) requires a toolbox approach to problem solving and the safe development of this complex product class
Dr Mike Davis - Bispecific antibodies - new opportunities for novel therapies
Dr Caroline Barelle - soloMERsTM; Site-specific therapeutic biologics for the treatment of inflammatory disease


Technologies to deliver the future
Dr Michael L Roberts - Developing synthetic promoters for bioprocessing applications
Profesor Tim Dafforn - Nanoencapsulation of membrane proteins for drug discovery and more
Dr Dirk Voelkel - Brilliant machines, big data analytics, industrial internet and Bioprocessing
Dr David Pollard - Progress towards automated continuous biologics production with real time release